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A rare occasion - we're dressed up! I promise we usually have paint in our hair and dirt under our nails! 

Heyyyyyy! Brian & Skyler here and we are so glad you're here! We are VERY excited to share this big journey of reviving a 1950s home in our small town in Western Colorado! That's not all though...

Some people may call us crazy because we have this thing for "projects" -- like really big projects, bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew type of projects. If you haven't, we would love for you to check out The Wandering on Wheels Tiny Home - our first journey where we designed and built our 250sf tiny house. We worked on/lived in our tiny from 2014 - 2017 and it was nothing short of amazing. Everyone has their ideas + goals + reasons for going tiny and our main goal was financial freedom. Living in the tiny house allowed for A LOT of things to happen -- the ability for us to move west (to Grand Junction, CO where we currently reside), the opportunity for Skyler to leave corporate America and go full-time with her passion and start-up, SugarSky,  the ability for us to purchase a camper to travel anywhere during vacation, the opportunity for us to purchase this fixer in downtown ... the list goes on! However, it deeeefinitely wasn't all rosy all the time and it was a lot harder/more time consuming than we imagined -- you can read more about that on the Wandering on Wheels Blog + (because a lot of people have been asking what happened to the tiny), you can read the blog post here for more details!

Our 250sf little tiny that was OH SO GOOD to us! She has a new life now. You can read more about that in  this blog post !

Our 250sf little tiny that was OH SO GOOD to us! She has a new life now. You can read more about that in this blog post!

Now, for our next journey - the 1950s fixer. We have never done this before, and we are very prepared to run into some crazy hiccups, get frustrated, want to quit, but we also know this will be another fun-filled adventure full of learning, laughing, and loving. Sharing our [probably ridiculous] experience with you is something we are pumped about! Now, are you ready to see her in all of her [ugly] glory?


Here she is in all of her glory -- our first fixer! 

Whaaaaat a beauty. UMMM. JK.

If you're thinking of getting into flipping or renovating (even for long-term or VRBO style renters) and/or you love before vs. after shots, all things decor/reno inspo, renovating on a budget, etc. you won't regret following along!

Thanks so much for reading more about us + the projects that we pour our hearts and souls into! 

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With all of our love,

-Brian & Sky