A detailed breakdown of what we're doing to the fixer kitchen + major inspiration & ideas below!

Bluecutt Tiny House Fixer Kitchen Rendering
Bluecutt Tiny House Fixer Kitchen Rendering 2
Bluecutt Tiny House Chipeta Fixer Kitchen Rendering 3

disclaimer: this is a VERY simple model. I know the kitchen doesn't even have a sink, but you get the idea :)

To the kitchen, we will:

  • take kitchen walls down to the studs
  • bring electrical up to code
  • frame out a new pantry with the cutest little door. More on the pantry door dilemma in this post.
  • install brand new white base cabinets + open upper shelving
  • new countertop [black leathered granite]
  • move the stove over by about 15"
  • install a new range hood
  • install subway tile backsplash
  • install shiplap above subway tile to the ceiling
  • plumb for dishwasher + add new stainless steel dishwasher
  • new flooring (definitely a Luxury Vinyl Tile throughout... more on this later. It's literally THE BEST stuff)
  • new paint! 

TIP #1: We highly suggest weighing your options when re-vamping a kitchen. The quote to re-paint all of the kitchen cabinets (very labor intensive) was $1,400. WHHHHHAT?! 

I just couldn't wrap my head around spending that on cabinets that were super old and basically plywood -- SO! We found out Lowes was have a 25% off sale and we went to work quickly designing our kitchen, went to Lowes and bought all new lower cabinets for $700! Stay tuned and you can spy some of them in the demo pics!

TIP #2: Discuss with your plumber/electrician the price difference between if the walls were open (to the studs) vs. not. Even though we will incur the cost of materials to cover these walls back up, we definitely saved money by demoing both the kitchen and bathroom walls down to the studs since we are running new electrical/plumbing. 

TIP #3: When you have an awkward space for dining, think built-in banquette!

Tip #4: Don't underestimate luxury vinyl planks/tile. What you see in the picture is this groutable (yes, groutable!!) vinyl tile from Lowes

Tip #5: Salvage appliances - think stainless steel later. Some people may disagree with this, however, the house came with both a stove and a refrigerator that are in good shape. They're white, but, because we will be Airbnb'ing this house, I don't believe stainless steel appliances are make it or break it. To me, I'd rather stay in a house that has brand new central AC, furnace, and hot water heater. 

Tip #6: Know that you can order tons of different types of doors from Lowes. You see that itty bitty pantry door up there? It's a custom 15"x80" 5-panel door. We have a Boise Cascade here that carries all sorts of doors. I called them, and though they don't sell directly to the end-consumer, the guy was INCREDIBLY kind and walked me through price options, manufacturers they carry, etc. and gave me the names of all the retailers they had in our area. Well, I was going to price shop all of the retailers until I went to Lowes and they told me they would price match anyone. We worked through the whole door order for the entire house and they were ready within a week! We ended up ordering Masonite, Riverside 5-panel pre-hung doors -- beautiful especially for the price! More on this later. Great experience and the doors are beautiful!

Now for some major inspo... some of the kitchens I have fallen in love with!

1. Robert & Christina's with New Darlings Kitchen

The craziest part? I came up them AFTER I designed our kitchen. The layouts are EERILY similar and so is the design. Obsessed! 

You can further obsess over the entire kitchen reveal on their blog here.

2. Catherine & Brian with Beginning in the Middle's Chesterfield Cottage Kitchen:

This is where I got the groutable tile floor idea. This kitchen reno is incredible!

You can see more pics + links to all the items used in this gorgeous kitchen over on their blog here.

3. Cameron & Mindy's DIY Kitchen Remodel

Y'all - for just a little over $1,200, this kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. Check their blog here to see the before pics. WOAH.

4. This Modern Farmhouse Kitchen over on Rachel's with Maison de Pax blog

You can find a tour of the entire home here as well -- a seriously amazing transformation!

What do you think about what we're doing with the kitchen? Pop over to Instagram (@bluecutt) and let us know! We would love to hear from you!

Until next time,

-Brian & Skyler

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