It's crazy to think that around this time 3 years ago, Brian and I were dreaming of leaving the big city of Atlanta, moving to Mississippi to build a tiny house, and then hauling it out west to live -- we didn't care where, we just wanted to be west...and a lot of people thought we were off of our rockers. Actually, we looked at each other several times and actually thought we were off our rockers ourselves.

Well, through much prayer and support through family and friends, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. We left our corporate jobs and in March of 2014, we moved to Mississippi, bought a [realllly beefy] Big Tex trailer and spent the next year designing and building our tiny house on wheels. In March of 2015, a year later, we packed the house up and had it hauled out to Grand Junction, Colorado, where we currently live. 

We just want to say -- A HUMUNGOUS thank you to all of those that believed, supported, prayed, asked, etc. about this journey and time in our lives. It was one that we will NEVER take for granted and something that was truly amazing to experience during the first 3 years of our marriage!

A lot of you have been asking - what happened to the tiny?! Do not fear -- she has a WHOLE NEW LIFE NOW and is actually traveling around all over the United States! You can check out this blog post over on the Wandering on Wheels website for more details :)

And now, a quick walk down memory lane -- interior + exterior pictures of The Wandering On Wheels Tiny House:

We love little tiny and are so thankful that going tiny has provided us the opportunity to move on to this next adventure:

ADVENTURE ROUND 2: Yes, we are definitely asking ourselves if this makes sense, but you have to start somewhere. We have been listening to a lot of podcasts (particularly Bigger Pockets), reading a lot of books, doing a lot of research, etc. on the real estate market. One of the common themes is "you have to pull the trigger", "just go do it", etc. So, here we are, again, with another project on our hands -- like designing and building a house on wheels entirely on our own wasn't enough....

WE BOUGHT THIS - not so beautiful - BEAUT!

Brian and Skyler Thomas Bluecutt Fixer Upper

In late October, Brian called me while he had some windshield time and said, "Sky, I want to make it a goal that we buy an investment property by the end of the year"....my thoughts: "Wait, what? Investment? We literally JUST bought our own house last month? By the end of the year? Like find something and close on it in less than 2 months?...... ok. this isn't possible", BUT, I calmly said "Ok, babe, seems like something we could probably do if we find the right property", and that we did.

I can't BEGIN to tell you how many houses we looked at both online and in person -- more on that in a later post, and this one fell into our laps.

So here we are.

Flipping our first home ever.

And we are VERY excited to share this journey with our friends, family, and awesome strangers that are interested in following along! 

A quick background: We're Brian & Skyler Thomas. Married for 3+ years. Southern raised. Both Building Science/Construction Management degrees from the great Auburn University (War Eagle!).  Before we were ever married, we both knew we wanted to do something adventurous, so we left our fast-paced corporate jobs in Atlanta, GA in search of a much simpler life. This led us right to the idea of building and living in a house on wheels a little over 200 square-feet that we designed, built, and lived in over a period of 3 years. We sold our tiny and are now onto our next adventure - reviving this little house in our small town in Western Colorado.

We are thrilled to document this experience and this story.  Thanks for following along!

You can share our blog site - www.bluecutt.com and also follow us on Instagram as we will post lots of pictures that may not make it to the blog.

For those of you that have supported & prayed for us so far and continue to do so (only thinking we're HALF crazy), we love you so much and can't wait to share this experience with each and every one of you!

-Brian & Sky

FixerSkyler Thomas