Ok - here she is is all of her glory. I've done a few before vs. renderings at the bottom of the post to quickly to show you the potential. Rest assured, she has good bones and really isn't in bad shape compared to a lot of the homes in the downtown area where we live! 

It's a 3bd/1ba in downtown that is walking distance to the university, the main large park in town, and all of the downtown breweries & shops. It's biking distance to mountain biking trails and just a short 10 minute drive to wine country! We aren't thrilled with the 1 bathroom, but this is very common in the downtown homes. The good news is - the bathroom is prettyyyy big - large enough to put a double vanity which will be great! 


Here is an exterior shot before vs. rendering of how we imagine painting/curb-appealing the front:

We don't want to sink too much money into the exterior for now. The vinyl is in very good condition (though a weird tan color), so I'm trying to work with it! We plan to:

  • paint the brick + alcove by the front door the same color as the vinyl
  • remove the screen door and paint the front door black
  • remove the weird guard rail
  • pour a new set of stairs + sidewalk to create an inviting entry-way
  • add some wooden shutters
  • fence in the property
  • add sod + freshen up the planters


And an interior kitchen shot before vs. rendering of our plan for the kitchen cabinets -- open upper shelving and brand new white cabinets on the bottom. 

We highly suggest weighing your options when re-vamping a kitchen.The quote to re-paint all of the kitchen cabinets (very labor intensive) was $1,400. WHHHHHAT?! 

I just couldn't wrap my head around spending that on cabinets that were super old and basically plywood -- SO! We found out Lowes was have a 25% off sale and we went to work quickly designing our kitchen, went to Lowes and bought all new lower cabinets for $700! Stay tuned and you can spy some of them in the demo pics!

To the kitchen, we will:

  • take kitchen walls down to the studs
  • bring electrical up to code
  • frame out a new pantry with the cutest little door. See this picture.
  • install brand new white base cabinets + open upper shelving
  • new countertop [still deciding which way to go here!]
  • install a new range hood & probably box it out in shiplap like this.
  • install subway tile backsplash
  • install shiplap above subway tile to the ceiling.
  • plumb for dishwasher + add new stainless steel dishwasher
  • new flooring (definitely a Luxury Vinyl Tile throughout... more on this later. It's literally THE BEST stuff) & new paint! 


I'm really confused about WHY they designed the bathroom like they did in the first place. Here's a pic:

Bluecutt Chipeta TIny House Fixer Bathroom Rendering 1

The bathroom is exactly 5' in width, which means that the tub/shower can run the other way, so IDK why they decided to run it this way, but it's VERY awkward. The shower curtain rod is balancing on the window... I know. Terrible.

We will:

  • rip out the [very turquoise] tub and re-install a new tub running the width of the bathroom
  • Tile the tub surround
  • move the toilet down to make room for a double vanity
  • plumb to both sinks in the vanity
  • rip out existing subfloor & gyp board to studs and come back with new gyp + subfloor
  • new flooring & new paint!


The bedrooms aren't terrible. Electrical is up to code there  + they all have a decent amount of natural light, but the closet situation is pretttyyy odd, brown, and bad. Here's what I mean:

For the bedrooms, we plan to:

  • demo all of the weird stained plywood, but attempt to work with the framing of the closets
  • wrap them in shiplap to give them some character
  • install double sliding barn doors that will slide to either side in 2 of the rooms and a single barn door in the small room.
  • new entry doors (5-panel doors for character & painted black most likely... like this!)
  • all new base trim/window trim/door trim
  • new paint + new flooring


As an overall, other miscellaneous items are:

  • Obviously new flooring + new paint throughout
  • New base, window, and door trim throughout
  • New doors throughout (5-panels like this!)
  • New furnace
  • New water heater
  • New plumbing throughout
  • New light fixtures + adding a center light fixture in the den because, strange I know, it doesn't currently have a light?

... that about sums up our plans for this new adventure. Next up, demo + build-back! Stay tuned!

Always feel free to drop comments/thoughts/just say hey below, via email, or on our Instagram! We'd love to hear from you!

Until next time!

-Brian & Skyler

Skyler Thomas